FaceTime APK Download for Android [Official] Latest Version

FaceTime APK Download for Android: Facetime is an application for video calling purpose, and it is originally designed for Apple devices. If you want to use FaceTime app on your Android device then first you have to know the complete features of this application. FaceTime application is mainly for iPhone, iPad as well as iOS devices, by using this you can also communicate with your family members or friends who are using the facetime application.

 As it is an Apple product, earlier Apple was charging for downloading FaceTime. But today it is free of cost to download and even it is preinstalled on OS X. There are also many other video calling apps like Skype and Google Hangouts. But the specialty of FaceTime is its High-Quality resolution. It will make you able to talk to your friends and relatives in High Definition quality. Its high-resolution video quality can also minimize the background noise.

It is free to download, and users who are interested in downloading this FaceTime APK for Android devices can follow the below simple steps.

Download FaceTime APK for Android [Official] Latest Version

FaceTime is popular for iOS devices for video callings. Now, it is easy to download this FaceTime application on Android devices. FaceTime for Android is available to download on Google play store, or you can download it from the below link. This application is free to download, and this FaceTime will be installed only on your PC only then you have you can transfer it to Android device.

facetime-for-android-app-300x191 FaceTime APK Download for Android [Official] Latest Version

On Android devices, the Facetime application will run smoothly like an iOS and Mac devices. To download the FaceTime for Android, you have to download the FaceTime APK file. There is no official website to download and install this application. If you are interested in this, you can download it by using Bluestacks Emulator or by using APK file. Another way to download this FaceTime app is that first, you need to download it on your PC then after you can move on to the Android devices.

FaceTime For Android Features

FaceTime is incompatible with Android device. So developers are now working on FaceTime app for Android. FaceTime apk has many amazing features that user will find in Android APK plus. These will have many features also. Here we are listing out some of the features that FaceTime for Android has.

  • It is one of the simplest and easiest app that  provides high quality for Video calls , Voice calls. test messaging as well as chatting features.
  • It allows group conversations with your friends through video conference. It will make you feel like you are with the person at sam eperson while talking. It is really an awesome feature on Android phone.
  • FaceTime application is free to download.
  • You can make a video or audio call with FaceTime at free of cost.
  • FaceTime APK on Android can access both the cameras on your Phone whether it is primary or secondary.
  • You can download this FaceTime App by using APK file.
  • It allows you to use the GUI features on FaceTime app.
  • By using this app, you can make calls to different persons at a time.
  • It is very easy to use.
  • On FaceTime app, there is no breaks or disturbances during the voice calls and video calls.
  • The app provides you extraordinary visual quality. But somehow your screen resolution is also responsible for it.
  • While you are on a video call with someone, you can see your own image as a small PiP image. This becomes helpful for adjusting yourself in front of the camera.
  • While the user is on a Video call, audio call option can also be put on mute. You can mute the video also for any disturbance during the call

Installation Steps for FaceTime APK

Though Apple created FaceTime officially for iOS users with incredible video quality, but some developers also created APK files so that it can be available to download for Android users also. If you are interested to download FaceTime Apk files from the alternative side then here we share some easy step-by-step procedure for FaceTime Apk installation.

  • You should not go to the third party APK file from your Android devices.
  • First, you have to open the Facetime APK file and then search for Facetime Application on that website.
  • From that results, you will see the Facetime application then click on that to download the file.
  • You have to check the adequate storage space on your Android device to download this application.
  • After downloading the app, you have to check that the app permission is acquired or not.
  • Next, you need to get the permission from your android device to install the FaceTime application on your Android device.
  • Next, go to settings and then security; then you have to select the Install from the unknown sources.
  •  Next, double click on the downloaded APK file to install the application.
  • To continue the installation process, you need to click on the install button.
  • Wait for a few seconds, then the FaceTime application ready to use on your Android device.

Alternatives To FaceTime

There are many other alternatives are also there as an alternative to FaceTime. So if you have a window or android device and want to use a video calling app, then don’t worry, here we will give you a list of the alternative app to FaceTime those will give you best video calling feature also.

  • Google Hangout : First of all Google Hangouts can be listed as one of the best alternatives for Android users. Android user can find it free in Google Play Store. Users of Google Hangouts can make free wi-fi calls from their Android devices. Like FaceTime needs an Apple ID for its operation, Google Hangout needs a Google account.
  • Skype: Since 2003, Skype is one of the lead apps when it comes to video calling. Skype’s compatibility with various devices and its availability is the main reason behind its popularity. It is available on Windows, Android as well as iTune also. It is free to download.
  • Viber: This is also another video calling app that came into the market in 2014. It is quite user-friendly. This app has got a very clean output design. Its design is also simple with a primary messaging app.

There are many apps those can be considered as Facetime alternative. But FaceTime is the best among those. It has much unique quality like the best audio call, HD video call which are just like the best platforms for making a videop call.

Download FaceTime Android APK 

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